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Blumgi Ball

Dive into Blumgi Ball to refresh your tiring days

An extremely worthy game for your holidays can not lack of Blumgi Ball. Drag the ball to put it into the basket and challenge in the next level.

Are you a fan of basketball or ball-related games? This game will give you a new gameplay that combines basketball and puzzle games. You need to drag the mouse to bring the ball to a position near the basket. Then release your hand to throw it into the basket. Your character has the ability to teleport. They will move to your ball position instantly. However, sometimes, the positions of the ball and the basket are placed far apart. Therefore, you need to make many throws and drops to get the ball in hoop. You can see some objects in the game such as mattresses, wooden sticks, wooden boxes, coconut trees, and so on. Some objects can be your obstruction while you can use some objects to support your movement. You can use mattresses or coconut trees to bounce the ball up. Once you get the ball into the basket, you can continue to the next level. You can discover interesting things hidden inside the chests if you complete certain levels. Try your hand at this beachside basketball game. A game with eye-catching graphics and cute effects similar to Helix Jump has appeared.

Factors creating the success of Blumgi Ball

Ball-throwing character

Be similar to other parts in Blumgi, you have the opportunity to see many characters throwing balls such as brown bear, green frog, egg, green crocodile, bomb, pink worm, white rabbit, and so on. You need to complete specific levels to be able to fill treasure chests and unlock these characters. After you unlock these characters, you can start new levels with their companion.

Various levels

You have hundreds of levels to pass to complete the game. Each level has difficulties and maps. At higher levels, the distance will become longer and more difficult. You have to get your ball over obstacles like mattress, coconut tree, or wooden box with terrains like water, mountains, slopes, hills, and so on. At high levels, you need to rely on the direction of the arrow to get to the target easily and rely on the help of the mattress or the navigation lane.

Other parts in the series

The blumgi series includes Blumgi Rocket, Blumgi Castle, Blumgi Slime, and Blumgi Ball. In these games, Blumgi Ball is one of the factors contributing to the success and popularity of this series. With fun gameplay and easy controls, you can conquer the game in no time. In Blumgi Castle, you must eliminate your opponents with bombs to protect your castle. In Blumgi Slime, you have to use your character's strength to jump to the finish line. In this version, a basketball version is shown in a new and appealing way.