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Blob Opera

Relieve your boring days by Blob Opera

If you are looking for a game to both relax and show your passion for music, Blob Opera is definitely a good idea. Control your character to create songs.

This is exactly an entertaining music game not to be missed. In this game, you will control a band. In order for the characters to make sounds or sing, you need to drag a character. After the character makes the sound, you can unlock more characters until your band has 4 members. You can then control them to sing a song and use the record icon to record what your character has performed and share them with your friends. Music is now not only for listening but you can also create laughter and unforgettable moments.

Why many people be keen on Blob Opera

Suitable game for children

This game was launched in December 2020 and is one of the hottest games in terms of music. It is the product of the collaboration of David Li, Google Arts, and Culture. With just a device with a network connection, you can easily play this game. It is considered extremely suitable for children because of its eye-catching graphics, fun sounds, and simple one-click gameplay.

Location of music tours

In the globe icon in the bottom right corner of the screen, you can use them to create exciting music tours for your band. Tours can range from London in England, New York in America, New Mexico in Mexico, Seol in Korea to Paris in France. The theme of each of these locations will change differently.

List of songs

You can let the character sing along to any song with the musical note icon in the bottom right corner. This playlist will change depending on the tour location you choose. Open all of them and enjoy.