Helix Jump

Helix Jump gives you a mission to make a ball pass over the solid platforms. The success key in this game is your quick reflex and cleverness.

Gamers always say that ball games will never be out of date. Helix Jump proves this point. Instead of kicking or hitting the ball, you will bounce it. Of course, this isn't a basketball game. You need to use the ball to clear all floors of the helix tower. The physical rules are thoroughly applied in this game. Although it has simple gameplay, many players love this game. Now, let's discover what makes this version become very successful.

Helix Jump unblocked

There are many interesting games on different platforms. However, many of them are blocked in schools or offices. I assure you, this will not happen in Helix Jump. You can enjoy Helix Jump unblocked right in the school with your friends. This is also what makes this game receive many positive feedbacks from users. In addition, with HTML5 technology, this game can be accessed by smartphone, tablet, or PC. You can easily open this game even when you are on the street. Minimalist graphics also make the game's data lighter. From there, weak devices can also run this game smoothly.

Helix Jump online

Regarding ball games, people often think of sports like soccer, basketball, or volleyball. However, Helix Jump has brought new game rules for this genre. In any way, make your ball slip through the floor's cracks. This is the special point of this game. This game isn't bases on ball-related sports games. The unique gameplay has impressed gamers. In addition, the endless game mode can take down any professional gamer. You can play this game forever unless your ball is destroyed. This game doesn't require you to install it on your device. However, you must ensure an Internet connection to play Helix Jump online. For those who like convenience, Helix Jump online is always their first choice. How about you? Let us know your answer by participating in this jumping game.

Steps to fall the ball to the bottom of Helix Jump

You will not directly control the ball in this game. It sounds absurd! So how can the ball fall to the floors below? The key point here is the helix tower. Now we will learn more about the steps in this interesting game.

Rotate the tower

You are not mistaken. You will rotate the tower instead of navigating the ball. The ball will automatically bounce at a position if there is no external force. Now, you need to drag the mouse to be able to rotate this giant helix tower. When you move the tower, the ball will also change position. Depending on the location of the cracks, you will manage to let the ball fall through those gaps. Each time you pass a gap, you will get 20 points. Can you get the Helix Jump high score?

Avoid red zones

Helix Jump will not be easy for you to pass the floors. To increase the difficulty of the game, the game developers have added red zones. Do you know what these red zones mean? Red usually indicates dangerous things. The red areas on these platforms are also very dangerous places. If the ball lands in these red parts, you lose immediately. Now it takes your ingenuity to bypass these dangerous areas.

How to get a Helix Jump high score

When playing this game, everyone wants to create a new record. The deeper the ball falls in the tower, the higher the score you get. However, not everyone can do that. To make the game a little easier, I will share some tips and experiences to score high.

Make power jump

To avoid touching the red areas, many players just let the ball fall onto the floor one by one. Although this ensures high safety for the ball, it will take you a lot of time to get many points. So let's do the power jump. When your ball lands in four cracks without landing on the floor, the ball will gain a power buff. At this time, the ball is like a fireball and smashes all floors including the red areas. However, this power only lasted a short time.

Break the floors with three arrows

Each item that appears in the tower of Helix Jump will have a separate mission. Specifically, the green arrows will help you a lot in earning points. They are not directions. Grab these arrows. They have the effect of causing the next five floors to crumble. Your ball will directly fall to the sixth floor from the floor containing the arrow mark. If you don't use them, it won't affect your journey.

Some things you don't notice in Helix Jump

Although this game has a simple design, it still provides all the necessary features for you. Sometimes, you won't notice these sections. However, they will also be quite useful in some cases.

Game sound

Gameplay and graphics are always important factors in online games. Besides, the game's sound effects also contribute to the success of a game. In Helix Jump, each movement of the ball is accompanied by sound effects. If you want to practice playing in silence, you can mute the sound on the speaker icon. This icon is located in the left corner of the screen.

Game pause button

When you are playing Helix Jump, you have to do something unexpected. At that point, your score is already very high and you don't want to have to start over. Do not rush to stop the game because you can press the pause button.


What is the high score for Helix Jump?

According to the statistics that I have, the highest score up to the present time of this game is 105,034,522 points.

How many levels are there in Helix Jump?

This is an endless version with no levels, so you can just keep playing until the ball breaks.

How to play Helix Jump?

You can click and drag the mouse to rotate the tower. If you're playing on a mobile device, tap and drag on the screen.

Can children play this game?

This game has extremely attractive gameplay and no violent images. Parents can allow children to play this game.

Can I play Helix Jump without the Internet?

This is an online game, so an Internet connection is required.